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Holiday cravings and emotional eating

As the end of the year finally approaches and the rounds of Christmas parties and office drinks begins, we are faced with a barrage of enticing delicacies everywhere. The holidays and festivities are a time of family meals, constant bbq’s and often accompanied with lots of alcohol too. Whilst this might be fun, the holiday [...]

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Did You Remember to Self-Isolate the Scales?

As self-isolation becomes the new norm and working from home is our thing, our days are now disconnected and disjointed. Once routined, organised and rhythmic, now for many of us our days are less busy, quiet and filled with stress and anxiety. The hum of the office talk, ringing of mobiles is replaced with our [...]

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Perspectives – Through which lens are you viewing the world?

Have you ever stopped to watch a photographer taking a professional photo?  He can’t change the scene, but in trying to capture the best photo he manoevres his angle and his lens to capture the best of that scene.  And when a chef makes that gourmet dish, he gets given the ingredients and in order [...]

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What is Health and Wellness?

I just sat down to write a blog and wondered what I should write about.  And it is funny how the universe delivers, because an interesting New York Times article written by Jessica Knoll landed in my inbox.  I didn’t need to look any further. Boy, I was on a roll. Apologies in advance for [...]

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World Harmony Week

This week is World Harmony week, culminating in today, World Harmony Day.  The theme of this week and day is that everyone belongs, no matter what your race or ethnicity.  But I would like to take it one step further and talk about inclusion or belonging, no matter what your size or shape. With the [...]

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Is there an eating disorder test you can take online?

Google recently reported that one of the most popular search terms on the subject of eating disorders was “eating disorder test”.  Since so many people seem to be searching for the answer you are probably asking yourself if there is such a thing as an Eating Disorder test? The answer is yes and no.  There [...]

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Mindful Eating – Mindful Weightloss

I received a very interesting email from a potential client looking for help in losing weight.  In his email, he commented that he is extremely stressed, has a high power intense job, and is always travelling.  What struck me, was the fast pace of his life and how food and food intake was a reflection [...]

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