Sydney’s foremost treatment for Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder in Australia.  According to Eating Disorders Victoria, 47% of Australians with an eating disorder have Binge Eating Disorder. Most people overeat at various times but this is not a binge eating disorder.  Binge eating is when you eat huge amounts of food in a small amount of time and feel out of control over how much you are eating. This behaviour is usually followed by intense feelings of shame, anger, guilt, disgust and mostly a desire for secrecy.  A person with a binge eating disorder does not follow their binge with any purging behaviour.

The key characteristics of this disorder are the feelings of lack of control over the behaviour, where much of the behaviours are impulsive.  Most of the binges occur when the person is actually not hungry, and is usually done in secret.  This leads to an avoidance of social situations that involve food.

Treatment and how I work

My vast training in a number of modalities allows me to incorporate various tools into my work.  Essentially, I see your issue as an opening, or a pathway that is merely the opportunity for us to walk along or through to uncover the deeper messages that the wisdom of your body is trying to tell us.  Your challenge is not a failure or a negative, it is a message of brilliance that your body is trying to tell you.

My work is about what works best for you, and what will enable  you to become your best possible self.

Your relationship with your body and food is thus a teacher, and an opportunity to learn and grow.  By listening to the message, hearing what it is conveying and making meaning from it, you have the opportunity to make changes and move forward.  Symptoms and feelings will continue to come back until their message is learnt.  Everyone is different, and there is no one size fits all approach or modality.  My work is about what works best for you, and what will enable  you to become your best possible self.