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Face anxiety with calmness and inner strength.

Anxiety is not necessarily a problem. It is a normal and often unavoidable part of daily living. You know what it feels like to be nervous or, at times, extremely anxious about an upcoming job interview, an exam, a big date, or having to give a speech.

You may have a feeling of dread, be experiencing tightness in your chest, have trembling hands, feel your heart racing and even be sweating. This kind of mild to moderate anxiety can be helpful as it allows you focus on the task, and motivate you too.

When anxiety continues well after the event, and interferes with your daily activities, health and well-being, then you may have an anxiety disorder. Approximately one in twenty people suffer from an anxiety disorder and sadly, only a minority of people seek help. The good news is that most anxiety disorders can be successfully treated.

Treatment will help you to understand your anxiety, what causes it, what makes it worse, and importantly, encourage you to develop long-term changes that will alleviate your anxiety.

For most people, psychological techniques such as relaxation techniques, mindfulness and CBT are successful forms of treatment. These treatments look at the underlying cause of your anxiety and so offer a cure not temporary short-term relief, since they provide you with lifelong skills and understanding.