Are you always on diet? Forever on the lookout for the latest diet fad?

  • Does your weight yoyo up and down?
  • Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight?
  • Is weight the constant radio station playing on your mind?
  • Do you feel guilty when you eat “forbidden foods”?
  • Have you put your life and your happiness on hold until you weigh a certain number?

We are constantly bombarded by experts claiming to have the latest strategies and knowledge to fight off the kilos permanently, and photographs of celebrities with the perfect bodies seemingly happy.  But the truth is, obesity rates are at an all time high and they are continuing to rise.

For far too long moral judgment and shaming about excess weight …  has led to an epidemic of distorted thinking

Brainwashed into thinking that counting calories, fat is bad, intense exercise and drinking shakes instead of eating food is the answer is only making us fatter and more miserable.  It is time to take a step in the opposite direction.  The direction of learning to achieve and maintain a healthy sustainable weight and overcome eating and body challenges in a powerful and dynamic way.

Mind Body Eating Psychology – A new approach to eating disorders where science meets body mind eating psychology

Mind body eating psychology, is a blend of psychology with the science of mind body nutrition.  It is an empowering, and transformational approach to weight concerns, binge eating, emotional eating, overeating, challenges with body image, body dysmorphia as well as numerous nutrition related health concerns like digestion, mood, fatigue, and immunity.

In the context of this approach, food and body concerns or symptoms are viewed as messages from the body, that require exploration and unravelling to find healing.  Through the use of various counselling, coaching, body centred practices and other subconscious modalities, clients are given the opportunity to grow, transform and ultimately find the opportunity to reach their highest goals.

Who can benefit from this approach? – Anyone!

If you are grappling with a health, body or food concerns then you’re not alone. Thousands of women are dealing with these same issues. Mind Body Eating Psychology is a science-based approach to overcoming eating disorders and can help you deal with a range of issues.

Treating a range of issues

Janine Rod specialises in helping women overcome a range of issues such as:

What can you gain from this approach?

  • An understanding of the difference between food, nutrition and nourishment; exercise and movement

  • Practical strategies that will enable you to have a healthy relationship with your body, food and exercise

  • Results driven, sustainable strategies that eliminate conflicting advice from nutrition experts, so that you can get personalised targeted outcomes

  • Outcomes that are right for you, and your body

Mind Body Eating Psychology considers the psychophysiology of digestion, calorie burning and the metabolism of any meal.  It looks beyond the physical processes that occur by weaving into that the psychological elements.  Understanding that it is more than the just the food that is eaten at a meal, it is also the eater that is doing the eating at that meal in that moment.  When attention is given to the emotional and psychological influences on the physical processes of digestion, calorie burning, metabolism and elimination, then a greater understanding unfolds and ultimately wellness is achieved.