Grief Counselling in Bondi Junction, Sydney

Overcome challenges with inner strength.

There are many kinds of loss that you may experience: it could be the end of a romantic relationship, the loss of a long term partner, the loss of a job, your best friend may be moving away, your pet may die or you may lose your home. Loss is as natural to every person as breathing. It is inevitable; and although it is a natural part of life, it can make you feel overwhelmed, shocked and confused, and may lead to an extended period of sadness or depression.

Everyone feels loss differently, although most people tend to follow a general pattern after a loss. What we do know is that the grieving period allows you to mourn your loss, and in time, the intensity of your sadness will decrease over time, and you will be able to resume with your life again.

Some people struggle with their grief for a longer time period and are unable to continue with their day-to-day activities. This kind of severe grief is known as complicated grief. It is a multi-layered and truly personal experience.

I can help you to understand the pain of your loss and the ensuing grieving process. I will work with you so as to provide you with support and insight as you move through this period, so as to be able to move through your pain and find happiness in your life again. I can help you to find a purpose in your life, in a way that honors the memory of what is lost, whilst at the same time allowing you to continue to invest in your life and all that is in it.