Therapist for Depression Bondi Junction

We all have bad days, when time seems to be against us and everything seems to go wrong. Where the world and life can only be seen through that dark, somber haze. Some people have the natural ability to fight back and face the challenges , whilst others are less able to cope up with these setbacks, and often get depressed. Unfortunately, depression has become a common problem among all age groups. It causes marriages and families to fall apart, individuals to suffer, businesses to suffer the negative effects of employees too disabled to function properly, the economic costs of greater health care expenses are greater for depressed patients, and there is the tragedy of suicide. Depression is a terribly disabling disorder, and despite significant advances in treatment, the problem continues to grow.

Over the counter medications do help alleviate symptoms but they do not and cannot address the underlying causes of your depresion. If you are seriously concerned about your condition, or that of your loved one, and are desperate to find help, consult Janine Rod, therapist for depression Bondi Junction.

Janine is a registered psychologist who has been offering treatment for depression for more than a decade. She has extensive experience in handling a wide variety of problems. Being an experienced therapist for depression Bondi Junction, Janine will support your journey to recovery.

Being a highly skilled and experienced therapist for depression Bondi Junction, Janine will be able to help people of all age groups. Whether you are suffering from depression due to a relationship issue or due to excessive work pressure, she can help!

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