Psychologist For Anxiety Bondi Junction

Do you:

  • Suffer from anxiety attacks?

  • Have angry outbursts?

  • Feel stuck and confused?

  • Worry for no valid reason?

  • Feel teary at times for no apparent explanation?

  • Often overreact in situations for no reason?

  • Battle to fall asleep, stay asleep or have poor quality sleep?

  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed?

  • Have a racing, pounding heart?

  • Have frequent, unexplainable mood swings?

  • Feel uneasy and jittery?

If you have some of these symptoms, you are probably suffering from anxiety. Consult a certified psychologist for anxiety Bondi Junction like Janine, for a support in finding relief and a long-term solution.

Anxiety is a common problem these days. From children and teens to senior citizens, everyone suffers from anxiety problems. There is nothing to worry about it. Mild anxiety is good; it keeps you focused and motivated. However, if your anxiety levels are so high that they have started affecting with your personal and professional life, it is advisable that you seek professional help. While over the counter and prescription medications can help you temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms, they will not be able to offer you long term solutions. The best and proven way to deal with anxiety is to treat the underlying causes and not just the symptoms. Therefore, consult Janine, a professional and experienced psychologist for anxiety Bondi Junction.

Janine is an empathic listener, and will help you to work through your issues in order to overcome them.

She will use various relaxation techniques including breathing exercises and hypnosis, to help you find that relaxed, calm way of feeling so that you can feel less overwhelmed and stressed out. Through her therapy, you will be able to have an insight into your behaviour and will be able to better manage the triggers that are causing the maladaptive responses.

Being a highly skilled and professional psychologist for anxiety Bondi Junction, Janine will help you:

  • Better understand your anxiety and how to manage it.

  • Feel calm, relaxed, and secure.

  • Overcome the triggers for your anxiety successfully.

  • Boost your confidence.

Don’t ignore anxiety; it will not just go away. Consult Janine, your trustworthy psychologist for anxiety Bondi Junction. Call 0421 990 990 to speak to Janine today.