If you are one among the millions who have been desperately trying to lose weight but haven’t yet achieved any appreciable results, you are not alone.

Research shows 95% of people find diets ineffective, and most people put on the weight they lose within one year of losing it.

This is because diets focus on the wrong thing. Studies have shown that 88% of people who are overweight and have a eating problems have these problems due to faulty emotional and psychological relationships with food.

Emotional eaters use food to soothe unhappy feelings and to momentarily solve anger, loneliness and unhappiness because eating temporarily switches off their negative emotions.

It’s not what you eat…it’s what’s eating you.

Since overeating is an emotional issue, it cannot be defeated with logic, emotions will always win over logic.

Janine is a certified weight loss hypnotherapist who can help you use the power of your mind to stay more focused on your weight loss goals. Janine motivates you to stick to your healthy eating plan and enjoy exercising. Most importantly, she will help you to discover the root cause of your emotional relationship to food, reframe and develop a healthier relationship with food, as well as learn other healthy self- soothing, coping strategies.

No nutritional supplements, no shakes, no starving, no impossible diets. Janine does not believe in them – they simply don’t work for the long term. Janine will teach you to eat mindfully and sensibly, eating enough to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Janine’s weight loss hypnosis treatment is proven and effective, and are also great for people who want to stay fit and eat healthy.

Here are a few weight related issues that she can help you to deal with:

  • Sweet cravings

  • Snacking even when you are not hungry

  • Binge eating

  • Emotional eating

  • Eating for relaxation such as while watching TV

  • Comfort eating when you are stressed out

  • Eating an unbalanced diet

  • Not sufficiently motivated to stick to your workout routines

  • Feeling depressed at the thought of exercising