It’s estimated that a typical person makes 300 to 400 self-evaluations every day. That’s a lot of opportunities for self-improvement IF all or even half of those self-evaluations were positive. Unfortunately, up to 80% of those inner evaluations are negative and destructive. It’s almost impossible to maintain a positive attitude at work when your inner voice is constantly hammering you for “messing up.” After a while, self-doubt erodes your confidence and you’ll be tempted to avoid speaking up or taking risks. And over time, you will start to decide to keep a low profile.

This form of self-sabotage not only prevents you from performing at your full potential but also gives colleagues and customers an opportunity to think less of you as an individual and professional.

In its simplest form, self-sabotage is when you say you want one thing, but then end up doing the opposite, or even worse, do nothing at all. Of course, you don’t mean to sabotage yourself, but it’s generally not a conscious decision. Everyone possesses an inner voice which can sometimes divert your attention or decision-making, subconsciously. Without even realising it, this inner voice can prevent you from performing at your full potential, hold you back from achieving your goals, cause you to be overly critical of yourself and lead you to make decisions that ultimately cause you to be unhappy. In effect, you become your own worst enemy.

With self-awareness, determination and practice, you can minimize these negative behaviours.

But, what if I said that you could change your brain and your habits (including symptoms) almost instantly? What if upgrading your brain – similar to how we upgrade our smartphone or computer’s operating system – is possible? And what if you could use Rapid Transformational Therapy to do just that?

In most cases, 90% of dis-ease or illness have their root cause in unresolved emotional hurts. These unresolved emotional hurts were only possible because your brain “associates” the emotions hurt with a past emotional event, circumstance, situation, person, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to reframe and re-interpret that original imprinting, so that your adult brain no longer uses the “child” brain to respond to similar emotional stressors? Resist the primal urges? Rapid Transformational Therapy uses Upgrading the Child technique to resolve that inner critic to silence that saboteur and open the door for the voice of encouragement and belief in self.

The key to understanding the principles for this technique are twofold: first, is to identify when in the past you experienced a specific situation or memory which created an unresolved emotional hurt and, second, to go back in time with your current knowledge to update that defined moment/ situation/ event/ circumstance.

When it comes to undermining yourself, you are both the cause and the solution. There’s only one thing that can sabotage anyone from achieving greatness – and conversely catapult anyone to the top. Ourselves. By successfully managing such behaviours, you allow yourself and others to experience your best qualities.


Photo by from Pexels