Transition, change and flexibility

Are you the kind of person that likes change? Or are you the kind of person that wants things to stay the same, embraces the predictability of routines ? Like it or not, life comes with transition, change and adjustment that impacts your life in varying degrees. We all experience transitions throughout our lives – [...]

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Do We Have A Choice?

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much power your thoughts have? If you think about it, your thoughts influence your feelings, which in turn influence your actions and behaviours and these ultimately create your outcomes. Wouldn’t you want to have some choice then over the kind of thoughts you have, and what you [...]

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Our Feelings and Emotions are like Babies

When babies are born, they demand attention. Even in the animal kingdom, newborns are tended to by their parents. Imagine if we noticed and gave attention to our emotions and feelings in the same way. Our emotions are the core to our world. They drive our behaviours, our relationships and our day to day experiences. [...]

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