Have you ever stopped to listen to your own internal voice? Have you ever considered changing the radio station of your head? I mean if you don’t enjoy listening to the music or talk on one network you change it – Right? So why is it that you continue to listen to that same damaging, critical and negative self-talk day in and day out? Why is it that you don’t change your internal radio station, or internal tv channel?

If you’re constantly bombarding yourself with a narrative that is filled with hate, criticism and disempowering feedback how will you feel confident to go out in the world? Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your mind, and that voice in your head is the one you hear most. That voice is the one that is feeding your ideas about your body.

You have the power and the opportunity to take that step and change the voice you listen to listen to. You deserve to grow and evolve, to heal your body and mind, and in so doing, to learn to love and accept your body. You only get one life, one body. You don’t get the opportunity to return to sender. This is your body – you keep it – forever. So, make peace with it, honour it, value it and allow it to serve you in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, when you create this notion that how you look is more important than who you are as individuals and what you have to offer the world, your physical appearance is elevated to a status higher than god, rather than you valuing other important values such as emotional intelligence, kindness, empathy, academics and so on. When you obsess over the bumps and grooves in your body, or the size of your jeans you leave little time and energy for partaking in life and the joys of living.

Make time to come home to your body, accept it for how and what it is. Your body is your home and it deserves your love and respect, not criticism and hate. To heal your body, start by learning to love yourself. Show compassion to yourself, and acceptance to yourself. Respect yourself and your body. Let the voice of your head be one of love and compassion, healing and respect.