I was out walking my furry soulmate this weekend and listening to an interesting podcast that has sparked my blog this morning. The podcast was actually about habits, but a comment was made, and it has resonated with me, because it is such a common theme in my work. The comment was somewhere along the lines of filling the hole in our stomach when we’re trying to fill the hole in our heart. How prophetic and so true.

We all know that if you have a bag and you fill it with sand, if the bag has a hole in it then no matter how much sand you place in the bag, the bag will never fill. It kinda will be half empty, empty and of course, never full. And the same goes with our feelings. How often I hear my clients say to me that they feel empty, a void, nothing, numb, something is missing, flat. It is this emptiness that drives clients, all of us, to do those unhealthy things like drink too much, spend too much, eat too much, exercise too much, work too much. And although, one would argue that empty is almost like a non-feeling, devoid of an emotion, it is such a powerful driver that sucks your happiness, joie de vivre, your soul and your confidence out from your being. It robs you of your quality of life, it robs you of your everything. Empty is a feeling. It is a strong feeling. Sadly it is such a common feeling.

Funny, you find it easy to fill your car when the fuel tank is empty. You fill your fridge when it is empty, yet we struggle to look to ourselves and question what it is that we are needing to fill ourselves up when we are empty. Why is it that we have this dilemma of paying attention to our own needs? Is it not time to change it? Is it not time to ask the question: What is it that we are yearning for, that will plaster over that hole, fill us up and allow us to start to feel? Instead of looking outside, begin at home, at home within yourself. Everything you need is inside. You have the answers, whatever you need is already there inside of you asking you to take a moment to look, listen, feel. It takes courage, it takes patience but it is worth it. Fuel your body with feelings, it is the fuel of life.