As another Easter is behind us and we contemplate the value of the long weekend, our ability to celebrate with family and friends is even more special during these COVID times. Being able to raise a glass, recite blessings or participate in communal prayer, acts as a buffer against anxiety, and allows us to embrace the rituals and routines that give a sense of normalcy in these unpredictable times. Families, couples, and friends are anchored together, giving a sense of unity, and belonging.

Whatever your religion or belief, there are traditions and rituals. Some of these are easy to follow and do, whilst others require real commitment and dedication. It really doesn’t matter though how complex or how simple each of these traditions or rituals are, oftentimes, it’s the meaning and feelings that go with them that count – because it is through these behaviours and experiences that memories are created. These are generally the stories or customs and rituals that are passed down from one generation to another, the ones we look forward to and have those feel-good feelings associated with them. They hold meaning, are filled with emotion. These rituals are meaningful and done with intent, they are important. Our rituals are usually influenced by our culture and religion, and so are often shared by those around us. They bring comfort and unity, enhancing our overall wellbeing.

Why not bring your own ritual into your daily life

Our year is highlighted with special holidays and memorial days that require us to celebrate and partake in our traditions and rituals, however, we don’t always need to wait for those rich and familiar days that are specifically marked in our calendars. Our daily life is so busy and chaotic, so full of change and frenetic energy so why not bring your own ritual into your daily life. One that brings you that moment of calm, a sense of connection and grounding, peace, and contentment.

Do something that brings you that calm and sense of ease in your day

Rituals can be shared or solitary, take as little as a minute or take longer. Whatever your ritual is, it is not a task that forms part of your to do list. It doesn’t get a tick alongside it. It is about finding that sense of fulfilment. So whether it is taking some mindful breaths in the morning, writing in your journal, going for a walk do something that brings you that calm and sense of ease in your day.