From very early on in our childhood, sometimes even proverbially, we learn narratives or stories that we hold onto into our adulthood. Sometimes these narratives are helpful, but other times they form part of our core beliefs, and these core beliefs hinder us from reaching our true potential. These beliefs, our stories, shape our lives and behaviours, how we interact with the world and ultimately who we become.

So, what are these core beliefs or narratives? How do they impact us? Have you ever stopped to consider what stories you live by? Does any of this sound familiar? Your brother has the mathematics brain. We are not a lucky family. We are from the wrong side of the tracks. And what about, I am not worthy of love. I am not good enough. My needs are not important.

These very core beliefs shape your reality and are the lens through which you see your world. It is how you experience life and make sense of the events that occur daily.

Let’s explore this closer. If you really want to get that promotion at work, it doesn’t matter how much you say you might want it, if you believe somewhere deep inside that success equals some kind of pain (like loss of time with your family or friends, your partner might feel threatened by your success, I don’t feel worthy of the promotion), you will unconsciously sabotage any chances of being successful, you will not let yourself do what it takes to succeed. Because your beliefs drive your behaviour.

But what if I said you could reprogram your brain? Just because you have learned a particular set of beliefs, doesn’t mean that you must hold onto them forever. With attention, and intention you can rewire your core beliefs into more age appropriate and empowering beliefs that support you.

Your subconscious mind is the key to success – and you can reprogram it. Only about 5% of your brain’s processing power goes toward your conscious mind — the thoughts, ideas, and decisions you make every day. The other 95% is used for subconscious and automatic functions, like digesting food and breathing. Your habits and beliefs also fall under that 95%, which means your subconscious is such a powerful tool.

In other words, you could have the most well-intentioned conscious thoughts and ideas — but if your subconscious isn’t on board, then you’ve got a problem.

Long term, your beliefs determine your destiny. If you keep longing for something, but fear or overwhelm keep holding you back, pay attention to that. Because nine times out of ten, that’s a subconscious belief holding you back from reaching your conscious goal.

Your subconscious mind is a force. It has the power to stop you from dreaming big and moving forward — but all its power comes from the programming you put into it. Pay attention to the words you use, and the pictures you make in your mind. Remember, our beliefs are just stories – just that, stories. They are not objective reflections of reality or the truth. They are interpretations of what happened. They only have the power and amount of validity as you give them. . However, by directly removing a limiting belief and dysfunctional story from your subconscious and installing new empowering beliefs, you can make permanent and positive changes.  If you’ve told one story, then you’re perfectly capable of telling a different one. But if you want to beat your self-limiting beliefs, you must tell yourself the right age-appropriate stories, ones that are empowering to get the right outcome.