When babies are born, they demand attention. Even in the animal kingdom, newborns are tended to by their parents. Imagine if we noticed and gave attention to our emotions and feelings in the same way. Our emotions are the core to our world. They drive our behaviours, our relationships and our day to day experiences. Yet, it is only when we have a really strong emotion or feeling that we are consciously aware of that feeling. It is only when intense or dominant anger, fear, unhappiness, joy, excitement, anticipation etc. arises that we pay attention to that experience of our feeling.

Just as you would feed, nurture and nourish a baby, so too should we do that to our feelings and emotions

You are born with feelings; they flow through your veins from the moment you are born. These feelings are extremely valuable resources that you have at your fingertips, and they offer you constant feedback. When you learn to pay attention to them, not dismiss or ignore them, you can use them to benefit you, and when they are uncomfortable, instead of ignoring them, you can find effective ways of downregulating them so that they do not overwhelm you. Just as you would feed, nurture and nourish a baby, so too should we do that to our feelings and emotions. When our feelings are known to us and we are not afraid of them, we hold the power – not the emotion. Our feelings don’t swallow us or stagnate us. We can choose how to respond, and when to respond. We feel less vulnerable to what other people think of us, and more grounded. When we feel more grounded, and present in our body, we can make informed decisions that are not reactive. Decisions that are empowered and liberating.

If emotions are energy in motion, then taking action and moving into being present with emotion is your first step. The best time to deal with an emotion is when you start to feel and experience it. STOP. TAKE A BREATH. Identify what you are feeling and give a name to that feeling. Acknowledge what you are feeling. This is an inner message and it is important to hear what is needed to be understood. Feel what your feeling needs you to feel, even if it is uncomfortable. This feeling will pass. Breathe into it.

When feelings are embodied and allowed to be felt, there is a connection between your brain, your gut and your heart. When all three work together in harmony, the outcome is the real you, grounded and connected to self. Strong, confident and in tune.