Google recently reported that one of the most popular search terms on the subject of eating disorders was “eating disorder test”.  Since so many people seem to be searching for the answer you are probably asking yourself if there is such a thing as an Eating Disorder test?

The answer is yes and no.  There are plenty of online and standardised assessment tests available to assess whether or not you have an eating disorder.

Eating Disorder tests can sometimes do more harm than good.  And especially online questionnaires as they can’t adequately explore all the related issues that contribute to eating disorders.

Your health and well-being is too important to leave to chance.  A much better way is to see a professional who can look objectively at all the factors that are contributing to your situation and evaluate for the possibility of an eating disorder.

Tests or questionnaires are not necessarily diagnostic tools, but rather help identify where further questioning or clinical assessment is called for in at-risk individuals. Remember, standardised testing is based on fitting people into the general category.  If you fall one point below a category does it mean you don’t have a disorder?

Yet your thinking and behaviour might still be disordered, and you still might be at risk.  Essentially, it’s not about fitting you into a category or labelling you with a diagnosis, but rather it’s about working with you to get to a better, healthier place.  And you don’t need a test to help with that.

A far better way at assessing your situation is by asking yourself if your weight affects the way you see yourself, and to what extent?   And you might also ask yourself if you are satisfied with your current eating patterns?  Do others around you comment or notice your current eating patterns?

I am a qualified psychologist and my passion is to help someone like you to overcome your eating challenges.