Your teen and the HSC

It is almost the end of April and for those senior students, the HSC year is well on its way. This means that the spectre of looming trials and final exams is drawing closer. With the arrival of the HSC and other exams your teen may experience varying levels of anxiety and stress, with the entire family often suffering along with your teen. This stress can affect school, study and exam performance, friendships, family life and health problems.
For some teens, academic performance is easy. They seem to be successful without any hard work at all. Other teens, whom are equally bright, motivated and talented, get discouraged and disheartened when they can’t demonstrate their skills in classes or on tests.
HSC is one of the most stressful periods in a teens life. Many of our teens are suffering anxiety, even depression, as a result of the pressure to succeed in their final years at high school. We, as parents, spend thousands of dollars on high school education and even more on tutors and teaching aides to help them have the best possible tools to tackle HSC. Yet, we fail to teach them a fundamental coping skill. And this is the idea of putting the HSC into perspective.

The HSC is just way of assessing ability according to a pre-existing set of criteria, that revolves around measuring intellectual ability. But how far does this take a teen? Today, we know that there is another important aspect to ability and that is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient, or E.Q. — being able to understand one’s own feelings and the feelings of others as well as being able to control one’s own emotions and exercise self control — is thought to be more important for success in life than I.Q., or intelligence quotient.

So, start speaking to your teens about success in terms of excelling in the things they are passionate about. Encourage them to follow their heart and tap into what they are passionate about. Have them focus on their innate gifts and work on improving their skill set in that area while enhancing their life in other ways. Help your teen to get a balance – a balance between doing their best in the HSC year, and finding their true passion. Very soon they will find that they can DO WHAT THEY LOVE for a living. Yes, when they are ready, it will be possible for them.
Help your teen move away from the belief of lack and limitation and begin to align with an abundant mindset – a sense of I can and I will. And please do not have them define success based on any school or institution’s definition of success.
The most successful and happy people in this world are those that have learned how to tune into their heart and follow their passions in life!